AgentGPT is currently in beta, and we’re excited to share what we have in store! This roadmap provides an overview of the features we’re currently working on, as well as the ones we’ve already completed.

Features in Development

Our developers are working tirelessly on these features. Typically, it might take a few days to 2 weeks to roll out these updates. To stay updated with our progress, check out our roadmap board on GitHub.

Completed Features

Users and authentication

Saving and sharing agent runs

Sign in to save your agent runs in our database.

Dynamic translations for multiple languages

We strive to make AgentGPT accessible to everyone. We’re always looking to expand our language offerings, so your contributions are welcome!

AI Model customization

Use your own OpenAI API key to customize everything from the model to the temperature, loops, and more. All of this happens within your browser!

Documentation overhaul

We’re always updating our documentation to help new users and contributors familiarize themselves with AgentGPT.

Web browsing capabilities

Our basic version performs and summarizes Google searches via We’re planning to support other SERP APIs and visit and parse websites in the future.

Backend migration to Python

We believe this migration will help us leverage the Python ecosystem’s language model tools.

Stripe integration for a lower limit paid version

This will help us cover infrastructure costs.

Planned Features

Interaction with websites and people

Writing capabilities via a document API

Cross agent communication


We continually update our roadmap and add new features, so stay tuned for updates! Feel free to check out our GitHub for the latest. As a small team, we greatly appreciate the community’s support in developing AgentGPT. If you’re interested in contributing, please visit our contributing page.